End Users and Devices

We provide full support for all endpoints, most commonly PC, laptop and mobile devices. This is all fronted by our experienced service desk that delivers incident management services from first to fourth line. All devices are protected with SecurityCTRL to ensure your peace of mind.

Hosted Services

Delivered from our 360Cloud, we provide full hosting. We can host all of your existing services and deliver via the most appropriate method, be that Desktop as a Service (DaaS) or native Cloud-based services.

Our 360Cloud is highly resilient, but it still needs to be protected which is why we use our own RecoveryCTRL solution. This way you can rest assured that if the wrong data is deleted, we’re able to quickly and easily recover it.


We provide full connectivity through our NetworkCTRL service. This covers office-based users, home-based users or mobile users to deliver a reliable, robust connectivity back to the 360Cloud.

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